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About company

«TNP China trading» - is a versatile company, the main activities of which are foreign economic and commercial activity. «TNP China trading» provides brokerage, freight forwarding, delivery service, provides a complete representation of your business in China.

In addition, the company «TNP China trading» is a major supplier of high quality products for the home throughout the world. Since its inception, the company strives to be an integral part of people's daily lives, helping to improve its comfort. To date, customers of the company name - «TNP China trading» - is synonymous with high quality products – «world class products».

With years of experience and activity of our employees, the company «TNP China trading» is a leading supplier of products for the house on the market. The main criteria for choosing goods are high quality and best price. At the moment, the product portfolio includes the following product categories:

  • Metal tableware and accessories;
  • tableware (glass, porcelain, ceramics, accessories);
  • Textiles (kitchen, bath, bedroom, etc.);
  • Household goods (goods for home care, clothing accessories);
  • Electric appliances (small household appliances, air conditioning equipment, lighting).
  • Window and door hardware.
  • Artificial agglomerated stone.
  • Interior PVC film.

Brands represented by our company are appreciated around the world for their high quality and exceptional ease of use. In addition, we have the ability to make the products under your brand (private-label).

As for the range of foreign services, our policy is transparency in cooperation with the client, and responsible fulfillment of our obligations. Our goal is the comfort and welfare of our customers. The style of our work involves the provision of highly skilled care, the provision of reliable, proven, accurate information, efficiency and transparency obligations. We do not make money on the incompetence of our clients, and assume no obligation to perform. Our main goal is to save client’s time and money. Thanks to all of our customers become constant. We are responsible for our actions, because the purity of our reputation - the priority of our work.

Gratitude and the success of our customers – this is a guarantee after name «TNP China trading» stands words – high quality and trust!