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China changes the customs tariffs on some products

checSince January 1, 2014 , China would adjust the tariffs on some imports and exports . This step will be made in the restructuring of the national economy and ensure balanced growth in trade . This was announced on Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance of the PRC.

In particular, the rates of customs duties on 760 items imported goods will be lowered by an average of 60 percent. " Discounts " spread on aircraft engines , natural forage grasses , audio detectors signs of the presence of life and other equipment and products for emerging industries , agriculture, and search and rescue .

In addition, customs duties levied begin a series of products, including 3D- printers, machines for grinding crankshafts , welding robots and crystal. In this regard, the list of goods subject to customs duties, increase from 8238 titles in 2013 to 8277 in 2014.

In view of the national program of environmental development , preliminary export tariffs will be maintained with respect to coal , crude oil , chemical fertilizers and iron alloy noted in the Ministry of Finance.