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Ashton: Ukraine “not a prize” in game between Russia and EU

Ukraine is not a prize in the competition between the EU and Russia, which remains a strategic partner of Europe.

This was announced by spokeswoman for High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton Maya Kosyanchich.

"Our position on Ukraine is quite clear. Offer (to signing of the Association Agreement - Ed.) remains in force. We will work with Ukraine in the future. This is not a game, in which Ukraine is a final prize. This is partnership between the EU and Ukraine. We will continue to work and stay in a constructive contact with each other," Kosyanchich told reporters.

She also commented on cooperation with Russia: "We are in constant contact with Russia. Russia is our strategic partner and our important neighbor".

Press secretary also said that Russia will not be represented at the summit of "Eastern Partnership" in Vilnius.