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You can find the Basic Laws of Chin y clicking on the link.

General information:

Border monitoring: According to bilateral agreements between Ukraine and China there is a visa regime (except for holders of diplomatic passports). When crossing the border must present a passport with a valid visa, and a completed "arriving card". Entry visa can be issued in the Chinese consular missions abroad. International airports of China visas are issued only in exceptional cases.

Health and veterinary regulations: When entering the country must submit a completed "card quarantine." Persons entering the PRC from the region affected by the cases of "yellow fever", are required to provide a certificate of vaccination. Persons infected with fever, diarrhea, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as having mental disorders or active tuberculosis necessarily bring the above information to the card quarantine.

Forbidden to import in China: human blood and its derivatives (lymph, etc.), fruits and vegetables, stuffed animals, soil, pathogens of animals and plants, raw animal skins, their blood, hair, hoof, fats and oils, meat and entrails, fresh milk , cheese, butter, cream, whey, the organisms that cause genetic changes.

Allowed to import of: grains, live and dried flowers, pickled and frozen vegetables, wood, and bamboo, rattan, willow, straw, and domestic animals, including cats and dogs (one per person), with a valid international certificate of health and vaccination certificates issued by the quarantine authorities. On arrival in China animals for 30 days in quarantine zone due to their owners.

The customs control: Quantity of imported foreign currency is limited. When the trafficking of foreign currency in excess of $ 5,000, you must state this in the declaration. The volume exported currency must not exceed 5,000 U.S. dollars or the amount declared upon arrival in China. Amount of yuan, smuggled across the border, not to exceed 6000. Duty-free import of cigarettes - 600 pcs., Alcohol - no more than 1.5 liters., And jewelry in within of personal needs. Jewelry containing precious metals over '50 must be declared when entering China and mandatory re-exported. Medicines and raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine are allowed to export to the amount necessary for personal use, if the sales receipt for them and help of currency exchange.