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One of the secrets of a successful business with Chinese manufacturers - constant quality control. One has only to briefly lose vigilance, lazy or stingy an inspection of your order, and likely you'll count the losses from partially or completely defective shipments.

This is especially important if you are just starting usiness in China for the first time place an order for a factory or even if you just order the production of other raw materials or other designs have been proven partners. There are several principles, remembering that you can receive a quality product that will be more in line with your requirements (not provided by the manufacturer).

Principle 1. Quality control is to make even the constant and reliable suppliers. Situtsiya factory is constantly changing - new business, buying cheaper raw materials or the production time (night or day shift) - all these and many factors can affect the quality of the products that you buy is not the first time.

Principle 2. In China, the standard of quality - a loose concept. It almost does not exist, it is just different quality requirements. Chinese manufacturers are well aware that, for example, there is a European standard is Chinese, and they are two big differences.

Therefore, what you get is entirely up to you. That is, if you trust the quality control of factory workers and do not consider it necessary to make your own control, you end up at the quality you get by Chinese standards. And if the manufacturer knows that you arrive and will be checked according to your requirements, in the production of your product will be given more attention, and maybe not the first time, but you get the quality that suits you.

Principle 3. Chinese suppliers especially in the early stages of cooperation is very reluctant to take control of the quality of the customer, because you take time to work, equipment, and more, because there is always a possibility that a part or the whole party will be discarded, and therefore some kind of then part of the plant does not receive profits.

But at this stage quality control is most important, because you are laying the basis for your cooperation and if you are from the beginning could not insist on their demands, do not expect that then the quality will be better. The plant will always refer to the fact that the first party you were in a form, then it suits you, and the following product will be of the same level or worse. And if the first item is very far from your standards of quality have two options: to remake the whole game, or if there is no time to select more or less corresponding to the product prepaid and stop working with this plant.

Principle 4. It is not necessary to come to the factory without prior notice, the production process rather densely laid out and provide equipment or people for such a sudden inspection is almost impossible, and not the fact that at this point in the production will be just your order or your whole party is ready.

Principle 5. When checking themselves can select the portion of goods that you want to watch or to entrust it to the plant, because it is unlikely the manufacturer will be specially selected for quality perfect product (a rare manager has any idea about the status of your order before checking). But it is useful to completely clarify whether goods are produced at a time or in batches, and in the second part of each batch of test, because the quality may differ slightly.

Principle 6. Requirements for quality must be strictly and thoroughly painted before the start of production: what is considered a marriage, the number of marriages per unit, etc.

Principle 7. The validation process is not out of place to take pictures of products, especially marriages. The results should be written to fix, it is desirable to translate into Chinese and communicate to the factory management, attaching photos. Very often has no idea of the quality produced by the party and the marriage for them may be as surprised as you, as the office staff rarely make it to the production facilities, but with an inspection report, supported by photographs, management can influence those who is responsible for the production.

Principle 8. And another tip. Never start with the factory without a visit, as if she did not look solid at the show or online. Factory can not always do or perform quality order accepted simply because of the lack of necessary equipment, and you can find out by visiting the factory. Second, under the guise of a serious manufacturer can hide intermediary who often do not even have its own office or warehouse, in which case it may not only get a low-quality product, but remain without anything at all, transferring money to scammers.

Source: ChinaCentrum.

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