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Customs clearance

The company «TNP CHINA TRADING» provides a full range of customs brokerage services for customs clearance of goods, certification, customs registration and customs clearance. We have a vast experience in this field and our main features are: professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

The company «TNP CHINA TRADING» provides high-quality custom services:

  • Full customs clearance;
  • Work with different customs regimes;
  • Advice on matters relating to customs laws;
  • Information services in the field of customs law and foreign trade;
  • Registration of foreign economic contracts and agreements with the wishes of the client;
  • Customs valuation;
  • Providing the customs authority of all required documents and additional information.

The company «TNP CHINA TRADING» stereotyped is not engaged in the customs declaration of goods. Our agents are constantly monitoring the changes in customs legislation, and are always ready to advise or warn you of upcoming changes and new features at customs clearance. If you contact us at an early stage of preparation of delivery - we will check and will correct all related delivery documents (contracts, specifications, proforma invoices, etc.), so we will expand your rights and opportunities for customs clearance, and get rid of unnecessary questions with all sides.

As for the standard procedures of design - our brokers quickly accredit your Company at the customs, pick up the correct customs code of goods, will brief you on duty, excise (if any) and all other fees and charges required for the clearance of the goods supplied. You in advance will possess all the information necessary for a peaceful and successful completion of the department "tariffs" and the department "nomenclature" at customs. You will know about your upcoming delivery of everything before it began.

Customs service - is also the passage of several of the following licensing authorities preceding each customs registration of Sanitary Epidemiological Service (SES), ecology, radiology, phytosanitary Service, ecology and natural resources (waste container), Gemology, energy saving, export controls, etc. . Something is subject to certification, something quotas and licensing. Our customs brokers repeatedly passed these formalities; they know all the details and nuances. In some cases, may need to receive your foreign partners, additional documents and information, more often - you do not even notice that we have such a thing as non-tariff regulation. In any case, we are preparing in advance and get a positive result.