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FEA - consulting

consaltingThe company «TNP SHINA TRADING» - this is your guide in cooperation with China. Our company - is primarily help businesses, saving resources of our customers, providing high-skilled services to defend the interests of our customers in China. Our company specializes in providing consulting services to FEA and has a team of professionals in this matter.

Consulting – type of activity consisted of advising clients on a wide range of economic, financial, foreign economic relations, the establishment and registration of firms, research and forecasting of market goods services and innovation.

FEA Consulting - a range of consulting services that enables your business to make a profit and minimize risk, allows us to be fully aware of the economic situation and all of the pitfalls in legal, business or countries with which you want to work. FTA Consulting can get competent help in establishing relationships with business partners, creating the right organization schemes supply full support in conducting foreign operations and transactions.

The main objective of FEA consulting is to minimize risks of foreign projects of our clients through early, comprehensive analysis of the proposed transaction, preliminary activities necessary for its success; inspection at all stages of the transaction, control product quality, full support of foreign trade contracts.

The company «TNP SHINA TRADING» provides a full range of services to support your foreign trade:

  • Assistance in the selection and evaluation of the foreign partner;
  • Preparation of foreign trade contract;
  • Participation in trade negotiations with foreign partners as a consultant;
  • Transport and logistics foreign economic activity;
  • Analysis and selection of the optimal combination of modes of transport;
  • Calculation of the optimal route;
  • Selection of the vehicle;
  • Establishment of the scheme optimal stowage in a vehicle;
  • Full range of transportation, technology and customs documentation at all stages of economic activity;
  • Insurance international transport operations;
  • Customs clearance of vehicles and goods, consulting the payment of fees, taxes and customs duties, specific procedures and customs regimes;
  • Certification, licensing, and other approvals;
  • Legal treatment and legal analysis at all stages of the trade transaction;
  • Participation in negotiations with customs brokers and/or owners of temporary storage as a consultant;
  • Gives full support for foreign trade transactions.

Cost of services you can find by clicking on the link and complete the form, noting the category of "FEA consulting".

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