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Quality control

China has long called - "the world's factory". Right reforms, plenty of labor enabled China to become a leader for the production of low-cost, competitive product. But it is also known that Chinese goods are not always of good quality, so quality control is an essential component in cooperation with China. This type of control has to be performed directly by the customer, as well as does not factory manufacturer. This problem can’t imagine working with Western, Japanese, Turkish producers, but in China it is a payment for low cost and competitive advantages.

In China, the concept of quality quite relative and primarily depend on the country of the customer, so it's always good to make sure which country chosen by the company sends products.

Only the correct approach to quality control will allow you to get from the Chinese manufacturer is what you specifically want. To learn more, "Why follow the quality of goods in China?" You can by clicking the link above.

Our company provides a full range of quality control of products at all stages of the product life cycle:

  • Monitoring the compliance of products;
  • Evaluation of the quality of finished products (according to the terms of the Client);
  • Visiting our specialist production inspections;
  • Reporting to the Client the trademark process and product quality at all stages;
  • Control package and associated components (dimensions, parameters, and configuration);
  • Load control products, control of customs clearance;
  • Signing of contracts, monitoring during delivery.

The full cost of the services you need to send the form, there you can leave a request.