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Your agent in China

China - is the factory of the world. In China, you can find not only finished products but also materials, equipment, raw materials and spare parts. You are constantly visiting China for the control of production, preparation of the necessary documentation, regular contacts with intermediaries, creating an office in China. In this case, our company provides services of the organization of the visit to China.

However, to save you time and money there is a service your agent in China, which will help you avoid wasting time and money for an additional registration in China, office rent and maintaining it in a functional state, constant arrival for production to control your order.

You can solve all the issues that may occur when doing business in China without his personal presence, having a representative in the company «TNP SHINA TRADING ». We have team of professionals with rich experience in doing business with Chinese partners ready to help you.

The company «TNP SHINA TRADING» provides services to support your business on search, ordering and delivery of goods, quality control at all stages of the contract. Our company provides a full range of services to support your business:

  • Foreign trade activities consulting services;
  • Search for the desired product;
  • Inspection of factories, suppliers, factories;
  • Risk evaluation, identification of unfair manufacturers;
  • Ordering, quality, quantity, date of manufacture;
  • Control of shipments of goods, the identification of defective products;
  • Reclamation, damages;
  • Signing contracts, to protect the interests of your company;
  • Obtaining additional substantial discounts and privileges;
  • Trips to required factories, meetings and negotiations
  • Providing full of reliable information about the manufacturer;
  • Provide all the contact information of the manufacturer;
  • Reporting on the results of the work of the financial statements;
  • Visiting exhibitions, search for interesting producers get the best terms;
  • Drafting logistics delivery of products;
  • Providing catalogs, product samples, and certificates;
  • Translation and interpretation services;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Organization of your visit to China.

Know the cost of services you can follow the link.