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For today maritime transport are the most relevant, effective and reliable. Sea freight the most convenient way to transport cargo in the way required by your. Shipping services greatly reduce the cost of shipping, especially container shipping reduce costs for businesses that do not operate with large quantities of goods.

The cost of carriage of goods depends on the following factors:

  • Specific goods - nature of the cargo has ig effect on the price of container transport (for example if it is a dangerous cargo, the price of one, if not dangerous cargo is another price)
  • Distance shipping - depending on the distance of container shipping costs will be more than the cost of transporting
  • Cargo insurance - the value of the cost of insurance of the goods depends on the nature of cargo travel distances (eg storm sea areas, areas where there may be pirates, etc.)
  • Transshipment of cargo in ports - if your shipment will be transiting in some ports, there may be costs for handling and tracking of cargo at the port.

For large parties often occurs freight vessel, that is a contract of employment is a vessel for sea freight or else to a specific period of time. Freight cost is made up of several components - the base freight rate, various allowances, the cost of unloading and loading containers. The main types of bonuses to base freight costs are:

  • BAF-Bunker Adjustment Factory (fuel surcharge);
  • CAF-Currency Adjustment Factory;
  • IMO Surcharge (surcharge for dangerous goods);
  • Winter Surcharge.

Typically, a company-forwarder, organizing shipping containers, and serves as a cargo freighter.

The cost of the loading / unloading of containers does not always include sea freight, freight in advance so the buyer should find out who and where to pay these costs. To refer to the conditions of the freight loading / unloading using special terms that indicate who will bear the costs of loading and unloading of the ship at the port of arrival:

  • FI (Free In) Free of loading - means that the ocean freight does not include the work of loading the vessel;
  • FO (Free Out) Free of discharge - means that the ocean freight does not include the work of unloading the ship;
  • LI (Liner In) Linear terms in the administration - means that the cost of receiving / processing of container and load it on a ship included in freight rates;
  • LO (Liner Out) linear conditions on arrival - means that the cost of unloading from the vessel and the receiving / processing of container included in the freight rates.

Usually conditions freight rates indicate immediately to the port of loading and port of discharge. For example: FILO, LIFO, etc.

The company «TNP CHINA TRADING» is an experienced player in the international maritime transport and works with companies - leaders in the field, which helps us to produce all types of goods transport is fast, reliable, high quality, responsibly. We provide a full range of sea freight. Our company is the main link between the charterer, charterer and the recipient (buyer) of cargo.

The specific cost of the service you can find out by filling out a form of online order.