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Trucking - is one of the main types of transport supplies. Since almost always when using any kind of international traffic there is a need to deliver the goods from the place of unloading to customs or central switchyard, or from central switchyard to the customer and this is done on the cars.

The company «TNP CHINA TRADING» operates services on all types of commercial vehicles, including the transport of dangerous goods (ADR-equipped transportation included). Trucking - is the best way to a quick and economical delivery. Our company provides a full range of services for road transport:

  • Delivery of goods from Europe and Asia;
  • Shipping containers from ports in Europe and Asia;
  • Delivery of modular cargo from storage consolidation;
  • Delivery of goods «door to door»;
  • Delivery of goods to ports, airports, railway / train station;
  • Delivery of goods from sea ports, airports / Railway station.

Cost of the service is calculated specifically for each customer, given the particular load, distance, etc. Exact price you can find out if you go to the link and fill in the on-line order.