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Accreditation - the registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur in the customs authorities of Ukraine, after the accreditation entity has the right to engage in foreign trade activities.

Advance notice - a type of document control to deliver the goods (DCD), the customs authorities of Ukraine. Constitute notification of the customs authorities in writing or electronically of intent import consignment to the customs territory of Ukraine.

Album of file formats - an album of electronic forms of documents to be used for interaction between: - the customs authorities and companies operating in the field of customs (external album) at the customs authorities of the information in electronic form - structural units of Customs (internal album) in the process customs clearance and customs control of goods in the presentation of information in electronic form.

An order of delivery - delivery of goods to Ukraine to the sale or exchange, in which at the time of import of such goods into the customs territory of Ukraine had not yet concluded foreign economic contract of sale.

Area activities customs - administrative unit of Ukraine, in which Customs operates.

Bill of lading - a kind of securities (commodity) market; receipt agent transport company (ship, aircraft) consignor over the goods with the obligation to deliver the goods to the destination of its bearer. It shall include: the name of the vehicle, the carrier, the sender, recipient, or the place where the loading and destination of the consignment, its name, charter, etc.

Canceling - determined by the contract of carriage by sea limiting calendar arrival time chartered vessel at the loading port. Upon the expiration date charterer may unilaterally cancel the contract.

Cargo customs declaration (CCD) - a written application form, which is provided by the customs authorities, and contains information about goods and vehicles crossing the customs border of Ukraine, the customs regime, in which they are declared, and other information necessary for customs control , customs clearance, customs statistics, the calculation and payment of customs duties.

Checkpoints - are located in areas of the state border in places traffic (land, sea, air) and are in the area of the customs posts. Activity checkpoints designed to address operational issues of customs clearance and customs control.

Commission contract - a contract in which one party (commission) shall, on behalf of the other party (the principal) for adequate remuneration to commit one or more legal action in its own name but by the principal.

Consignment contract - a contract under which one party (the consignee) shall, on behalf of the other party (exporter) for some time for the contingent consideration is to sell a consignment stock in his own name goods that belong to exporters.

Contract (foreign trade) - financially formal agreement of two or more economic agents and their foreign counterparts (partners), aimed at the establishment, modification or termination of their mutual rights and obligations in foreign trade.

Currency control - part of monetary policy in the field of monitoring and supervision of compliance with legislation in the sphere of foreign exchange and foreign trade operations.

Customs clearance - Customs clearance, then there is a procedure for placing goods under customs conditions and completion of these conditions in accordance with the law.

Declaration - a statement to the customs authority in accordance with the established form of accurate information about goods and vehicles crossing the customs border.

Declarer - legal or natural person carrying out the declaration of goods and vehicles crossing the customs border of Ukraine.

Demise charter - sales contract under which possession of the vessel and the control of it transferred to the charterer, which is regarded as the owner of the vessel for the duration of the charter. Captain and crew become employees charterer, who is responsible for the management, operation and navigation of the ship. Charterer shall bear all costs of operation of the vessel as well as risks arising from the ship operation.

Demurrage (Lay day) - demurrage at the port over by the contract of carriage by sea in the expectation of loading or unloading cargo or under work.

Detention - demurrage after the lay day, as opposed to demurrage, damages for demurrage shall be paid in this case, not in part, and in full.

Dispatch - paid by the ship-owner cargo owner (charterer) Award for early termination of the loading and unloading of the ship.

DWT - Deadweight (t) when it is loaded to the maximum mark, includes the weight of cargo, fresh water, fuel, persons on board

Excise tax - a type of indirect tax on goods or services included in the price or rate.

Foreign economic activity (FEA) - the activity of economic entities of Ukraine and foreign business entities, based on the relationships between them, and connected with the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine.

Foreign investment - values that foreign investors invested in facilities investment activities in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the purpose of investment is to achieve a profit or social benefit.

Gray imports - goods that are transported into the country with understating tariff payments by the incomplete declaration.

Imports - the customs regime under which goods are imported into the customs territory of Ukraine for free circulation without limiting their line of travel and can be used without customs restrictions.

Kit lens - industrial or other object, separate workshop, installation or assembly, which is assembled is a complete technological system or an independent part, classified one code UQFTG (Ukrainian qualifier foreign trade goods, but with the transportation and installation of imported in Ukraine several batches of products.

Licensing documents – this is licenses, certificates, permits and other documents of public control services which are necessary to complete the clearance of certain goods.

Liner out - terms of delivery (transportation), in which the vessel shall bear the costs of unloading at the port of destination.

Lohn - raw materials, semi-finished products, components imported into the customs territory of Ukraine foreign customer or exported beyond Ukrainian customer for use in the manufacture of the finished product to be returned to all products or parts to the country of the owner.

Lump sum - payment of the total cargo ship, regardless of the amount of the goods loaded

Negotiable bill of lading - drawn to bearer or to the order of the person named in the bill of lading it, the holder of which is entitled to the goods and the right to their extradition under the terms of the document.

Non-tariff measures - methods of regulation of foreign economic activity through a variety of permits.

Release of goods for free circulation - free disposal of the goods passed through the customs border of Ukraine.

State Customs Service of Ukraine - the central body of executive power in the field of customs, which coordinates and controls the activities of customs authorities of Ukraine.

Tariff regulation measures - methods of foreign economic activity with different rates of customs duties and other charges (duty, excise duty, VAT, customs duties, etc.).

Temporary import / export - customs regime under which goods may be imported into the customs territory of Ukraine or exported beyond it with obligatory refund such goods.

Temporary storage warehouse (WTS) - specially equipped warehouses, tanks, indoor or outdoor areas for storage of goods and means of transport under customs control.

The demurrage - previously agreed additional cost to the owner of the vessel from the cargo (the charterer) due to demurrage.

The leasing contract - the contract rent various types of technical equipment, buildings and facilities primarily for the long term.

Through bill of lading - issued in the case of delivery to destination directly to the vessel, and with transfer to another vessel or other means of transport (road, rail) are in agreement about the different carriers together transshipment or a carrier that serves multiple intersecting lines, (typical for container transport).