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The first European instrument, introduced in China

The first European musical instrument, introduced in China - cembalo, presented a Jesuit monk Matte Ricci in 1601. 

Time zones of China

China's territory stretches from east to west by 60 ° longitude, which corresponding to the four time zones. However, the decision of the Government in the entire country has the same time as the capital of Beijing.

Additional information

Most of the most populous area of China can fit in one time zone: the spread of longitude on eijing-Xian-Shanghai-Harbin is about 18 °. Beijing time is the official throughout China. However, in some places, for example, in the western region of the country - Urumqi, is used as "Xinjiang time» (Xinjiang Time), which is two hours different from Beijing. It is used in the home, local Uighurs, it is often indicated in the TV program, schedule of restaurants and local transport movements. 

In ancient China, Pekingese was used for self defense.

In ancient China, Pekingese was used including self-defense. Little dogs fit easily into the sleeve. If there is danger they jumped out and rushed to the offender. 

Do not discard the toothpicks!

Do not throw away all used toothpicks. In the Chinese city Kulang there are 7 collection centers of the products. Per pound (about 454 g) used toothpicks they pay 35 cents.

Fish farms

Every third eaten fish in the world reared at a special farm. 90 percent of them are located in China.

Homeland sauerkraut

China is mine "sour cabbage." It is here that invented this dish. After soaking in wine, this cabbage fed slaves working on the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Spit as a sign of feudalism

In 1911, of China tresses were considered a sign of feudalism and so they were forbidden to wear. 

Shocking Facts about China:


  • By 2025, China will build enough skyscrapers to fill TEN cities the size of New York.
  • By 2030, China will add new citizens more than all the current population of the United States.
  • The most "high speed" train in the United States is moving at a speed less than half the rate of China's new train between Beijing and Shanghai.
  • China has more pigs than in all of the following on the list of the 43 pig-countries combined.
  • Compared with the U.S., twice as many Chinese people believe in Darwinian evolution. Impressive 74% of Chinese believe in evolution, more than Mexicans (69%), Argentines (68%) and British (68%). USA (42%), South Africa (41%) and Egypt (25%) remain skeptical of the Darwinian Theory.
  • When you buy Chinese stocks and bonds, you are financing the Chinese government. Eight of the top ten companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, owned by the government.
  • The world's largest trading center placed in China. But since 2005, it stands at 99% empty - and it, of course, private.
  • In China, 64 million empty houses, there are entire cities without inhabitant.

Selection of facts:


  • The first windmills were built in about 200 BC in China.
  • China has been invented gunpowder, paper, silk, porcelain, compass, printing, suspension bridge, the parachute, matches and a lot more.
  • Wallpaper to cover the Great Wall of China will need about 15,840,000 rolls of wallpaper.
  • Fingerprints have been used of China as early as 700 BC
  • China has forbidden hugging a tree.
  • Ketchup was also invented in China. But originally it prepares from pickled fish, shellfish and spices.
  • All Disney characters have been banned in China for forty years.
  • That's Marco Polo described the Chinese way of making coins of salt, "Pickle boiled in huge cauldrons until the salt will not take the form of the test. From this mold small cakes, which are then earmark the emperor. To become like salted coin metal, fry them in the hot tiles ".
  • In China, more and more people speak in English than in the United States.
  • Chinese doctor Hua T'o, born roughly between 140 and 150 BC, was the first known physician to perform an operation under general anesthesia. Drink for anesthesia was made of marijuana and strong wine.
  • In China, there are more than two hundred languages and regional dialects.
  • In the tomb of a Chinese emperor Jing Di, who ruled in the II century BC, found a collection of artificial penis - five bone and one bronze.
  • Historians suspect that football was born in China.
  • Liu Ching, who became governor of the Chinese province of Shansi in 955 AD, was born with two pupils in each eye.
  • Oversupply of labor in China is about 220 million.
  • Cinderella story as the first Chinese book written between 850 and 860 BC
  • 220 billion text messages were sent to China in 2005 - probably in the present, this figure doubled.
  • The Chinese were the first to use natural gas as fuel.
  • China is the third largest energy producer in the world after the U.S. and Russia.
  • In ancient China, the bed had central heating and independent heating system.
  • If the population of China will pass you by in a line, then this place is over or when the rapid growth of China's population.
  • A worker in China earns an average of $ 0.78 per hour.
  • The red color symbolizes good luck in China.
  • Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti built a network of 270 palaces, linked by tunnels. He was so afraid of assassination that he slept every night in various palaces.
  • Chinese curse: "Wish you live in interesting times!"
  • Some Chinese typewriters have up to 5700 characters. Keyboard width 1 m and the best typist give 11 character / min.
  • More than 90 million people in China are surname Lee.
  • The world's largest billboard is 300 meters long and 45 meters in height. It is located in south-eastern China, in Chongqing. However, this area is so constantly obscure that no one hangs on his announcement in 1998, so that China has decided to dismantle it.
  • China produces 10 million cars a year.
  • About two-thirds of the land in China is useless for agriculture.
  • In China, agricultural products exempted from VAT, which is realized by the manufacturer, old books, imported and used by research and educational institutions, equipment, international humanitarian assistance and ... contraceptives.
  • One of the most important Arts of China is calligraphy.
  • One of the ingredients of Chinese bird's nest soup is saliva.
  • In China, any person who has been struck by lightning was exempt from paying taxes for three years.

China uses more than 74 billion chopsticks per year

This is true, more than 74 billion pairs of chopsticks used annually in Chinese population. This is about 1.7 million cubic meters of timber or 25 million trees. In general, the forests of China will soon come to an end, there can be no doubt. 

China has more Christians than in Italy

China may soon become the world's center of Christianity, because there are already 54 million Christians. In Italy the same total 47.4 million Christians (79% of the total population), which is 12% lower than in China. 

China has executed three times more people than the rest of the world

According to the company Amnesty International, in this country is really the death sentence to three times more than all the rest put together, countries. For example, in 2008 in China, according to official figures, 1,718 people were executed, although this figure may even exceed 6000.

Funny trivia about China


  • Paper, the compass, gunpowder and the printing press are considered to be four great inventions of China. China is also credited with the invention, such as the wheel and the first calendar.
  • Ice cream was first cooked in China 4,000 years ago. Someone accidentally left in the snow a mixture of milk and rice, and when he returned, he discovered ice cream. Marco Polo brought from China to Europe the secrets of ice cream and pasta.
  • In China, there are 3240 TV channels and 250 FM channels.
  • Following British rule, Hong Kong, cars drive on the left side, while the rest of China to drive on the right side.
  • In China, people drink tea more than 1800 years. Chinese white tea called the pinnacle of taste ancient Chinese healers.
  • Chinese traditional greeting (Cigoli ma or no chifan ma la) is translated into Russian as "Have you eaten?"
  • Martial art of Kung Fu was invented by the monks of Shaolin to protect themselves against robbers in the desert mountain roads. 

Interesting Facts about China


  • The total area of China is 9,596,960 square kilometers China is the third largest country in the world. Shanghai and Beijing are two of the most populous cities in the world.
  • With Chin order 14 countries, and its coast is washed by four seas, as the country has a large area, the climate varies dramatically from subarctic in the north to tropical in the south.
  • According to China's population in July 2006 was 1,313,973,713. China is officially the largest country in the world by population. The Chinese Government has adopted the law "one-child" to prevent the growth of the population. Unfortunately, this makes China one of the most rapidly aging countries.
  • In China, for men aged 18 to 22 years is a mandatory two-year military service. Women in the same age group are encouraged to perform a variety of military missions.
  • The greatest part of the population is Chinese "Han". Mandarin Chinese is the official language in the country. But China inhabit 55 other people posting on 206 languages.
  • Renmin ribao, also known as the People's Daily is the largest official publication.
  • Tiananmen Square (Tienanmen) the world's largest venue for a variety of demonstrations and performances, and the Three Gorges Dam, which is located in China - the world's largest dam.